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As stated by Section 708(b)(18)(i) of the Right-to-Know Law, “Records or parts of records, except time response logs, pertaining to audio recordings, telephone or radio transmissions received by emergency dispatch personnel, including 911 recordings” are exempt from disclosure under a request for access to public information.

Additionally, 35 Pa.C.S. § 5399(a) requires that, notwithstanding any requirements of the Right-to-Know Law, “a PSAP [public safety answering point – commonly a ‘911 Center’] may not release individual identifying information of an individual calling a 911 center, victim, or witness.” Section 5399(c) defines identifying information as including a 911 caller’s, victim’s, or witness’ “name, telephone number, and home address.” Finally, the statute does not preclude the release of the street name or mile marker of the location of the incident.

In concert with the above-referenced laws, and in the interest of promoting open government, the Lebanon County Department of Emergency Services publishes the prior month’s list of incident time response logs to this page.

The data made available here is all of the time response log data the County has available, and represents every incident record since the County began using its current Computer Aided Dispatch.

It is important to understand that the data below is only for calls dispatched by the Lebanon County Department of Emergency Services. Municipal and State government entities may have logs outside of our records. Any requests for data associated to responses by these agencies must be directed to the Open Records Officers of those agencies.

For other request not related to 911, please contact The Lebanon County Right To Know Officer using the link below:



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so important for me to post my house numbers?

Posting your house numbers is crucial to emergency responders in locating you in your time of need. Remember, Enhanced 911 only tells us (the 911 Telecommunicators) where you are. This information has to then be relayed to the responding units. Posting your house numbers makes you much easier to find during an emergency.

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